The Knights and Dames of the Order are divided into:

photo of members carrying flagsKnight or Dame of Honour, this is a rank bestowed upon a new Member upon Investiture into the Order .They are presented to the unit by two guarantor Knights or Dames and admitted as soon as possible after having participated in the Order as Aspirants for a period of two months of work for the Order.

They are appointed by the Unit Prior after due process.

Knight or Dame of Grace, must be members of the Order for at least 3 years and have acquired important merits. The promotion to this rank is the prerogative of the Grand Master who acts on the nominations and approval by the Commander, Prior and Grand Prior.

Knight or Dame of Justice must be members of the Order for at least 5 years and have acquired very important merits in the community. Promotion to this grade within the rank of Justice is authorised by the Grand Master upon nomination by the Unit, Prior and Grand Prior as applicable.

The Clergy of the Order serve within the framework of the Commandery. The Clergy are admitted to the Order as Knights of Justice, of Grace and of Honour, but they cannot be part of the Sovereign Council or Le Petit Conseil, nor can they be appointed as Bailiffs or Commanders. The Clergy Knights and Dames promoted to Knights of Justice, of Grace or of Honour bear the title of Prelate of the Order.

Squires, Donats, and Serving Brothers and Sisters of the Order

Youths between 18 and 23 years of age may be admitted into the Order as Squires. They may be received as Knights of Honour when they turn 23. People working for the Order as employees or managers in a mobile unit may be admitted into the Order as a Donat. Serving brothers and sisters may be appointed by the Prior or the competent Commander.