The Investiture is a formal act of a Christian Chivalric nature signifying Admission to the Order as a Member.

The Investiture is conducted by the Grand Master. According to historic usage, the Investiture of a Knight is by formal dubbing with a Sword while kneeling before the Investor.

Clerics and Dames do not kneel before the Investor and the Sword is not used. In these cases the Investor places his or her hand appropriately on the Aspirant’s shoulder.

The Ceremony of Investiture is often combined with Promotions and Induction to a particular Office in the Order.

The Ceremony includes the following and always is subject to the religious requirements of confession and usage of the Unit.

  • Allocution
  • Call to Worship
  • Reading of the Gospel
  • Blessing of the Regalia
  • Vow of the Knight and Dame
  • Investiture
  • Promotion and Induction (when applicable)
  • Recitation of The Creed
  • Benediction

The cross of Amalfi bears the eight points representing the Beatitudes and this reading of the Beatitudes from Matthews Gospel is included in the service. Within the service the Chaplain references the symbolic meaning of the cross. The four arms represent the four cardinal virtue; prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. The eight points are signs of the eight Beatitudes which the members must preserve. In the Beatitudes there is a call to holiness and spiritual joy, to be gentle in word and deed; to long for the coming of the kingdom; to confidently lean upon God; to seek God’s redeeming grace; to have mercy as God is merciful to us; to let the Holy Spirit rule in our life and make peace even though we may be reviled and persecuted.

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