The Grand Priory of the Americas

sosj crest logoThe Grand Priory of the Americas enacted its own Constitution on May 17th 1912. It has been affiliated with the Order since its foundation in 1908 in New York. It was governed in an autonomous manner and in conjunction with the Grand Master and within the guidelines of his Majesty the Protector.

The Grand Priory’s jurisdiction covers the United States of America and Canada, the States of Central America, and the states of South America.

Following the meetings of the Sovereign Council in Jerusalem (1994) and in Helsinki (1996) the Grand Priory of the Americas has subordinated its Constitution to that of The Sovereign Order. At the Sovereign Council meeting in Vancouver (2000), this Grand Priory waived its rights to revert to independence, an option in the agreements of the Jerusalem and Helsinki Sovereign Councils which brought all Units of the Order under the KP11 Constitution. The Sovereign Council did not exercise its rights to revoke the Agreement on or before December 31st 2000. The Union therefore became permanent.

The Petit Conseil

Le Petit Conseil is the executive body of the Order of Saint John. It is made up of five Conventual Bailiffs. It Acts as the Central Administration (Government) of the Order and manages all current affairs.

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is established to rule on the Constitution, laws and ordinances of the Order.

  • To Give Judgements on Matters affecting Members of the Order.
  • To give ruling on matters submitted by the Sovereign Council, the Grand Master, Le Petit Conseil or the Protector.
  • To hear appeals from the Courts of the Grand Priories of the Priories.

The Grand Master

The Grand Master is elected for life by the Sovereign Council . The Grand Master is mainly responsible for appointing the Bailiffs, Commanders, members of the High Courts of the Grand Priories or Priories, appointing members of the Ecclesiastical Council of the Order, appointing the Knights and Dames of Justice on June 24th, as proposed by Le Petit Conseil or Grand Priory of the Americas and appointing the Knights and Dames of Grace.

The Provinces of the Order

The Provinces of the Order are the Priories which are created by a decision of Le Petit Conseil with the approval of the Grand Master.

The Priories are managed by a Prior, who is chosen from among the Knights of Justice and elected to this office by the chapter of the Priory with the confirmation of Le Petit Conseil, and by the staff of the Priory. The Chapter of the Priory is the general assembly of the unit. It is comprised of all the Knights and Dames of the Order residing in the jurisdiction of the Priory. Grand Priories can be created and this would make several Priories subordinate to them.

The Prior is the head of the Priory and is elected among the Knights and Dames of Justice of a Priory by the Chapter-General of that Priory.

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