Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum (For Faith, For Service to Humanity)

sosj crest logoThe Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller is a non-political, ecumenical, international Christian organization directly descended from the Order of St. John founded in the late 11th century.

Before the Crusades, a hostel had been established to provide respite for pilgrims visiting the Holy Land. During the first Crusade this hostel was converted to a hospital to serve both pilgrims and crusaders.

The membership of the Victoria Commandery of the Sovereign Order of St. John comprise persons with extensive background of voluntary contribution to a variety of charitable organizations in our community, and elsewhere, working for the betterment of those who are in need.

The Order was founded upon the premise of aiding “the sick and the poor”. The historical traditions of the Order continue throughout the World to this day.

The International Office of the Order is located in Vancouver,B.C. There are three Grand Priories of the Order: The Americas, Australia and Europe. Various Priories and Commanderies are the active units in each of the Grand Priories.

Units of the Order are registered as charities or charitable foundations in their respective jurisdictions.

Person invited to enter the Order are recognized for their achievements and contributions to their community, as well as their desire to contribute to the goals of the Order.