The Order of St. John today is an ecumenical organization that welcomes ladies and gentlemen who believe in Christian principles.

The membership includes all major branches of Christendom, including Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox faiths. The Order seeks out people who are prominent in their profession, community or local affairs and who actively support charitable works. Nominees (Aspirants) are brought into the Order at an annual Investiture Service.

Membership is by invitation only, and a petition for Admission from the Aspirant, including a personal curriculum vitae is made with the nomination for membership.

The Aspirant should be from a good family background, a baptised Christian and of excellent reputation.

The Aspirants who wish to become a Member knowing the high purpose of this Sovereign Order swear upon their sacred honour to observe all the Statutes, Rules and Regulations of the Order and to contribute to its preservation, growth and honour by both service and obligation and uphold them to the best of their ability. They further promise obedience to the authority of the Grand Master and his appointed Officers in all matters pertaining to the Sovereign Order and at all times they will conduct themselves in accordance with the ideals of Service and Christian Charity which are the foundation of this most nobel Order of Chivalry.

At the service of Investiture the Aspirant becomes a Knight or Dame of Honour and a member of the Sovereign Order. The Investiture Service is a beautiful and moving formal service, based on the traditional Christian ceremony dating back to the very beginnings of our Order during which new members receive their white enamel Cross of Amalfi and the red robe of the Order bearing a white Cross of Amalfi over the heart.

A Member of the Order is a person who has been admitted and invested and who continues in good standing by, among other things, the payment on behalf of that Member of the appropriate annual International and Unit assessed Oblation. Those Members of the Order who are Clergy may be excused of such oblation, but they are expected to help the charitable efforts of the Unit. A Member of this Order, who is a licensed clergy person may be appointed Chaplain for the Unit for the Ministry of Word and Sacrament and will assist the Grand Master at the Investiture service and in other pastoral duties as needed.

Should you wish to find out more, or would like information on joining our Order, the Victoria Commandery, please contact us.